Dignity Votes Action Center

We’re working to build a Missouri & Kansas where everyone can thrive.
Our elected officials make choices every year that expand or limit the health and opportunities of the communities we love.
As people of faith, we believe human dignity is sacred - every person matters. The more of us who vote, the more they will listen. 

Dignity Votes is a movement to bring people back to the polls to impact the issues trapping our communities in pain and poverty. Together we will build relationships with people who are not expected to vote this fall, learn about their concerns, and encourage them to vote this fall and support human dignity.


Pledge to vote

Have you taken the pledge yet? Click here to make your pledge and join thousands of Dignity Voters from across Missouri and Kansas.



Click here to get involved and help engage other community members who are not likely to vote this year. Together we will reach out to build relationships and build commitments to vote. Training and all materials will be provided. 


Look up where to vote

Need to look up your polling place or get reminders to vote?

Call 1-800-669-VOTE (8683) or visit: www.gettothepolls.com 

You can also sign up for updates through the Let My People Vote online tool (get reminded for future elections, too!).