Though strong relationships and leadership development lie at the heart of faith-based organizing, our work gains its momentum when we can turn the power of relationship and the passion of our leaders toward the issues that directly affect our communities. 

Time and again we have seen ordinary people empowered to address and improve the issues that define their circumstances. At CCO, we know that this is no small thing. 

Over time, and operating within an intentional model of organizing that deeply engages hundreds of community voices, CCO identifies and acts on the issues that matter in our community and beyond.

Today, that means that CCO is organizing around four primary concerns:


  1. Economic Dignity Campaign to end predatory lending practices in Missouri and ensure a livable wage for all workers
  2. Making Healthy People & Healthy Places a viable option for all
  3. Lifelines to Hope & Healing for marginalized populations, including immigrant communities and ex-offenders
  4. Bringing meaningful Citizenship Reform