Raise the Wage

Raise Missouri's Minimum Wage. The current minimum wage of $7.65 is just too low. Most minimum wage workers are adults. Working full-time and making just $290 per week isn't enough to pay for gas, food, rent, health- and child-care.

Raise the Wage to restore our families.

  • The cost of living keeps rising but wages are falling behind. Every day, tens of thousands of full-time Missouri workers struggle to support their families on less than $15,000 a year. 
  • Raising the minimum wage says that we value hard work, especially the tough jobs done by waitresses, childcare workers, and nursing home employees.
Raise the Wage to restore our communities.
  • Raising wages for the nation's lowest-paid workers puts money into the hands of people who spend their incomes at the highest rates, boosting demand for goods and services in our neighborhood businesses.
  • Many small businesses in Missouri would like to pay their workers more because they know it's good for business, but they are already at a competitive disadvantage versus big national corporations. Raising the minimum wage for large companies helps workers and levels the playing field for small businesses.
Raise the Wage to restore our economy.
  • A diverse range of economic observers across the political spectrum are stressing the need to increase consumer spending in order to generate growth and hiring.
  • According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, every $1.00 in hourly wage increase for a minimum wage worker results in $2,800 in new consumer spending by his or her household over the following year.
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