Campaign for Economic Dignity

The Campaign for Economic Dignity: A Commitment to Faith & Families

As people of faith, we regularly witness the devastating realities of unemployment, foreclosure, and financial stress on families in our communities. We weep at the sight of a young father searching fruitlessly for a good paying job; a child evicted from her home by a bank; a retiree watching her life savings isappear in a payday loan debt trap - all due to an economic cirsis they did not cause.

At this moment of economic turmoil and political gridlock, we resolutely stand for and with our people. Just as God called the ancient prophets in our Scriptures to condemn injustice and idolatry, we too must speak out when we see the unchecked greed of wealthy elites and the corrupting influence of powerful special interests on our government. We must speak out when predatory lenders charnge our people more than 400% interest on short term loans. We must speak out when hardworking members of our congregations earn poverty wages. 

We believe that the public debates about ending triple digit interest on loans and raising the minimum wage are about competing moral and spiritual values that have profound consequences for our people. Predatory loans target people during their most vulnerable periods only to trap them in a vicious cyclce of debt that annually extracts millions of dollars from working Missouri families. Our minimum wage laws, among the lowest in the nation, have exacerbated poverty in Missouri, contributing to declining life expectancy in one quarter of our counties.

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