We believe in dignity.


Access to a quality public education is the cornerstone of a life of dignity.


In Kansas City, we are living in a particularly important moment for our schools. The State has adopted a new plan of accountability and measured support for school districts.


CCO leaders at Visitation Catholic Church have continued to study the changes that affect the Kansas City Public School District, the progress made, and the new and continuing challenges it faces. Our leaders’ vision is to strengthen parent and community involvement in public schools - the School District is accountable to the community.


Thank you for supporting our children and our community. 





Visitation Catholic Church – CCO Leadership Team

Coalition for Quality Public Education



Kansas City School Board           

Board Policy Manual Administrative & Governance Ends (REVISED May, 2013)

Board Policy Manual (REVISED June 2011)                        

KCPS Board Community Engagement Report (Feb. 2013)

Kansas City Missouri Public Schools


State of Missouri Department of Education

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education           

State Board Approved Support Plan (March 21, 2014)



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