40 Days of Bearing Witness: Pray. Fast. Act.

A Toolkit for Congregations


For Christians, today marks the beginning of the sacred time called Lent – a time not only a time of internal spiritual reflection, but a time that marks great potential for transformation. During these forty days, we seek fulfillment of God’s great promise of transformation – not only of ourselves, but of our communities and of society at large.


The lived experiences of our people reveal the stark and startling ways that political decisions have increased poverty and inequality. Regular people are struggling across Missouri and Kansas, unable to stretch their meager incomes across mounting bills. Parents can’t find jobs, seniors can’t afford prescription drugs, and low-income children go to bed hungry each night.


Communities Creating Opportunity and Missouri Faith Voices will mark this Lenten season with intentional prayer, fasting, and action to bear witness for those who suffer among us.  We invite our congregations to use our 40 Days of Bearing Witness: Pray. Fast. Act Toolkit as a guide for each day of Lent to:

  • Pray for those who live without dignity for want of basic needs like food security, health care, or work that pays a living wage.
  • Fast in solidary with those who bear this pain and to prepare ourselves for our responsibilities as witnesses to its injustices.
  • Act to decry injustices, building power among people of faith to transform the policies and practices that keep our families from living in their God-given dignity.   


Click here to download the toolkit.