40 Days of Bearing Witness: 40 Prophetic Voices

In difficult times, faith leaders play a vital role in not only ministering to the spiritual and material needs of families, but also in helping people of faith understand the moral consequences of the choices we face as a society. Over these forty days of Lent, our elected leaders face critical choices with profound moral consequences, from protecting the poor and vulnerable in the federal budget to expanding Medicaid to cover hundreds of thousands of uninsured Missourians. We cannot seek to transform this world into the Kingdom without also transforming their lives.


We have called on our clergy to be the prophetic voices for the poor and marginalized, each providing a daily reflection and spiritual presence among decision makers as they face difficult moral choices.  We seek 40 clergy who will bear witness to the needs and the values of “the least of these” during the 40 days of Lent.  Daily clergy will reflections will be posted on the CCO blog. 


Downloand more information on how to be one of 40 clergy bearing witness over 40 days here.